Marantz Melody X the HiFi System for Music Lovers – Order it Now

Marantz Melody X Hifi System in Black

Marantz have launched the new HiFi System, which comes with a number of additional features which include:

CD Playback

Music Streaming Services

Voice Control

HEOS Technology

Multiroom Streaming

DAB Tuner

This brand new stylish system, with its small size can fit into any room. Through the Melody X, connect your speakers to four high efficiency digital audio amplifier channels to feel high efficiency and low distortion through your audio.

You can choose to configure two pairs of loudspeakers for your home and have independent volume for each device. Drive a single pair of speakers into this device and set up bi-amping mode or the unique PBTL Mode which runs at double the output power.

With the in-built HEOS Technology, you can connect numerous music streaming services this can range from Spotify, TuneIn Internet Radio, SoundCloud, Tidal, Napster, Deezer or playback of local music files.

These can all be controlled via the app, with the inclusion of multi-room technology, allow you to connect HEOS Speakers for connection, If you don’t have a HEOS device, then you can just stream via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 or WiFi as they are all built into the system.

Marantz Melody X Hifi System in Black

Choose to hook this up to your Television or Blu-ray Player to either of the two digital audio inputs to enjoy digital audio playback. The Melody X automatically wakes when it senses an audio signal from the TV and can work with the remote to control volume and source selection.

Control the device with your voice, with a selection of Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri Voice assistant for hands-free operation. You can ask the Melody X to play your music, change the volume, skip tracks, and switch inputs and much more with your voice.

It is available from today onward, and comes in two finishes of

Black and Silver Gold

Marantz MCR612 HiFi Network System in Silver Gold Front View
Marantz MCR612 HiFi Network System in Black Front View
 Marantz Melody X Silver Gold Marantz Melody X Black

Does the Melody X look like the perfect choice for your home?

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