Save 10% on Monitor Audio Monitor Series Speakers

10% off Monitor Audio Monitor Series Speakers

Monitor Audio Ltd, a British owned specialist in hi-fi loudspeakers. For more than 40 years, they have been managing, designing and incorporating surround and stereo sound systems. With the combination of architectural design, they have developed it to the style of the speakers and bringing them high-quality sound from inside and outside the home.

About the Monitor Series:

Monitor Audio has taken the C-CAM Dome Tweeter from its award-winning Bronze Series and added their creative flare of drivers’ configuration to deliver a musical performance.

With Monitor Series detail to audio resolution, in multi-channel and two-channel configurations. They have allowed the choice of style for bookshelf or floor-standing speakers in your home, with a centre and subwoofer that is just as powerful.

Monitor Audio speakers, feature class and style combined into one which should be expected from Monitor Audio. With this breathe-taking design and build that is sure to make a room in the home, shine brightly.

With Monitor Audio Monitor Series, they include the finished choice of:

Monitor Audio Monitor 100 Black
Monitor Audio Monitor 100 #White
Monitor Audio Monitor 100 Walnut
Black White Walnut

This is the Range of Products within the Monitor Range, these come in the various colours with their innovative style and architectural design.

Monitor Audio Monitor 50 Black
Monitor Audio Monitor 100 Black Pair
Monitor Audio Monitor 200 Black Pair
Monitor 50 Monitor 100 Monitor 200
Monitor Audio Monitor 300 Black Pair
Monitor Audio Monitor C150 Black Pair
Monitor Audio Monitor MRW 10 Black Pair
Monitor 300 Monitor C150 Monitor MRW-10

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