Sony VESA Adaptor

Sony KDL32W653

Sony VESA Adaptor

Sony have manufactured a new VESA Adaptor for easier mounting of your existing Sony Bravia Television. The Sony VESA Adaptor is compatible with Sony Bravia 32 inch televisions, plus – W models.

Sony VESA Adaptor

Step-by-Step Instructions: Setting Up Your VESA Adaptor

  1. Remove the placeholder screws that are currently inserted in your TV.
  2. Sony VESA Adaptor Placeholder Screws

  3. Attach the supplied washers to the empty screw holes.
  4. Sony VESA Adaptor Attach Washers

  5. Attach the adaptor with the placeholder screws.
  6. Sony VESA Adaptor Attach Placeholder Screws

Important Information:

  • The Sony VESA Adaptor is not available for the 24″ model.
  • Supplied washers are only for 32″ and 42″, 50″ are not required

The VESA Adaptor is priced at £21.36 and can be purchased through Sony’s Customer Information Centre.

Part Number: B448584401

Number: 08448466555


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