New Sony TVs for 2014

The new Sony Bravia Televisions for 2014 will be releasing throughout the year, and comprise of the X, W
and R series.

The X95, X9 and X85 models lead the way in technical innovation, featuring a wealth of new picture and
Smart technologies. The distinguishing feature of the X-series is their 4k Ultra HD screen resolution,
which offers 4 times the quality of 1080p, as well as upscaling full HD sources to 4k. All models have
3D capability, and with screen sizes up to 85 inches, the total immersion of the cinematic experience is
brought into your living room.

As for Smart features, the X series has Tweet and Skype View (Skype Camera included), allowing you to
tweet and video chat with your friends live on-screen as you watch your TV together. Photo share also means
you can upload your photos from your mobile device onto the TV to view in 4k quality, before sharing them
onto the devices of your friends and family.

One-touch mirroring allows you to wirelessly project the screen of your Smartphone or Tablet onto the
TV too.

The One-Flick interface also means that browsing through TV channels, online content and photos is
simpler than ever, with the mere swipe of a finger.

In the W series, the W95 includes the same TRILUMINOS colour display, X-tended Dynamic Range and 3D
technology, as well as the same Smart features. The KDL55W955B and the KDL65W955B will be released in
March and June.

The W8 and W7 models also share the X-Reality PRO engine, in addition to the One-Flick, Tweet View
and Photo Share Smart functions. These will be released from mid February onwards.

The R4 series has a Clear Resolution Enhancer for less noise and a sharper image, as well as Photo
Share. Ready in April 2014.

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