Spring Cleaning Time!

Get ready for Spring!

Spring is on its way and it’s time to have a good old clean around the house. At electricshop.com we have a range of vacuum cleaners to suit every budget.

What to choose?

Cylinder Models are probably the preferred choice for those households that have a mix of carpets and hard flooring. Cylinder types are more compact and are easier to use on upholstery, on stairs or around furniture. At prices starting at around £55 they are very affordable too. For a good all round sturdy reliable model choose the Numatic Henry, available in a choice of four colours at £104.99.

A great choice for pet owners is this model, the BGS6225GB is powerful and has a Which? Best Buy

Upright cleaners are probably the best choice if you have large carpeted areas simply because they are designed to make this an easier task! Starting at £54.95 they are equally as affordable as cylinder type cleaners. One of the best for reliability and performance is the Sebo X1.1 this is a German made cleaner and has particularly good filtration. For a lower budget choose this Panasonic at £74.96 http://tinyurl.com/6hp8v9k.

For a powerful vac that combines a wet cleaner as well as a conventional vaccum then take a look at this Numatic 3-in-1 George. This will dry vacuum, wet pick up and also deep clean your carpets!

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